Are You Sure You're Bringing the Right Clothing to Antarctica?

Published: 25th March 2010
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Interesting is one way to describe a trip to Antarctica. However many are clueless about packing. Use the info here to decide which things you cannot afford to leave behind while on Antarctica travel. This is one time that you really need to be prepared for what the weather could bring.

Ask yourself what level of cold climes is bearable for you. People have different tolerance levels regarding temperature extremes. Do not take this for granted when pondering Antarctica vacation packages. People who get cold easily will be glad to know that Antarctica weather is more pleasant than often perceived. Chilling temperatures are often associated with this distant place. Antarctica weather is actually no big deal.

It is important to consider garment layers for the Antarctica trip adventure. Maintain warmth by wearing light layers and avoiding weighty pieces. Layering clothing keeps you warm by trapping heat within the garments. Wool and silk wardrobes insulate more than fabrics like cotton. This is important when considering travel clothes to bring.

Windproof outer clothing that also protects against water damage is needed for the trip. The body will fail to warm you efficiently if you become wet or are hit by wind. Successful layering weighs heavily on the type of outer clothing donned.

You need to have warm clothing underneath the last waterproof layer worn. Microfleece works great for this. People who went on Antarctica trips know this is true. If fleece is not your style consider putting on cardigans and thick pants for warmth.

The layer on your skin should consist of some type of thermal underwear. Taking Antarctica trips requires that you have these on hand and on you. The preferred materials for thermal underwear include polypropylene silk or wool. They help you keep body heat inside as much as possible.

The Antarctica cruises discussion now continues with what people take on the trip. Have mittens and socks handy in case the weather gets too cold. The cold experienced often stems from body heat that escaped through the feet and fingers. Wearing socks ought to help your toes stay warm. Your personal taste dictates whether you pick socks that are thin or thick or a fusion of both.

Icy cold hands can drive anyone to misery. The mittens are either made from fleece or polypropylene. The gloves that are coated with rainproof material provide extra protection. Always bring an extra pair just in case you lose or damage yours.

The one mistake you can make on Antarctic trips is to forget to bring a hat. Around 90 percent of body heat disappears via the head. A hat that keeps both ears and the forehead safe from harm will work. The wind conditions in Antarctica can be quite harsh so wearing scarf?s that shield the neck and face is recommended.

When it comes to Antarctic travel remember to think layers. You get to keep yourself warm by doing this. Bring extra of everything in case something gets wet or lost. Handle the cold climate successfully and you are sure to have the time of your life.

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